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Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Who loves Chinese foods? Well, if we are one of those people who shout that Chinese foods are awesome, we must know Panda Express. Yes, it is such the best restaurant that can help us enjoying our beautiful day. It must be nice if we have a quality time with our families or friends.

We enjoy the spicy Chinese foods and we are all happy. But somehow, we may find that one of the staff serves us improperly. Well, we can complain at Panda Express Survey. We do not need to worry as the Panda Express restaurant team will listen to our comments. If we do not complain now, can we deal getting bad service all day long?

About Panda Express Gourmet Chinese Food

Before we start to take the survey, it will be best if we know a bit about Panda Express. Panda Express Incorporation is such a Chinese restaurant that runs in California. If we visit this restaurant, we can try to order some menus starting from dishes, and appetizers to main courses.

This restaurant serves the customers who want to order some items or caterings for their events. In this case, if we want to celebrate our birthday, it will be best if we go to this restaurant. Besides the meal, we can find that Panda Express has a tea bar with its best milk, fruit, complete with smoothies. Yes, we can order some fresh coffees, tea shakes and so on.

Panda Express WIKI

TypePrivate Subsidiary
IndustryFood service
GenreChinese cuisine
FoundedOctober 1983; 35 years ago, Glendale, California, U.S.
FounderAndrew Cherng, Peggy Cherng
Headquarters1683 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California, U.S. [1]
Number of locations2,000+ (2017)
Area servedUnited States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico,[2] Canada, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Guatemala, El Salvador
ProductsAmerican Chinese cuisine
Revenue$3 billion (2017) [3][ failed verification ]
Number of employees39,000 (2018) [4][ failed verification ]
ParentPanda Restaurant Group

For our information, Panda Express started to run since 1983. The Panda Express headquarter is in Rosemead, right in California. And if we know about Panda Restaurant Group incorporation, it is such a parent group of Panda Express.

We call it a group because it provides some franchise of foods and beverages stores. We can find the nearest location of Panda Express by using Google search with the keyword of Panda Express Near Me. We can try to visit its official website at and access some information about the Panda Express stores.

About Panda Express Feedback Survey

Panda Express restaurant now becomes a good brand that people love to dine in at. Here, this restaurant chain keeps prioritizing the quality of the products as well as the services. Of course, all of the goals are for customers.

Panda Express Survey – Www.Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback - Get a Free Meal
Panda Express Survey – Www.Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback – Get a Free Meal

For the sake of customers, this restaurant launches an online platform that customers can speak their mind about the restaurant. It is Panda Express Survey, an online survey held by Panda Restaurant Group that becomes the place for customers to give feedback.

We can access the survey at Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback. Indeed, it will take five minutes to complete the survey. For the restaurant, customers’ satisfaction becomes the most important aspect in running a business.

Survey EntryOnline
Entry CodeStore Number on the receipt
Survey Entry Limit1 per 7 days
Minimal Age13
Survey Duration5 minutes
LanguageEnglish, France, Spanish, Mandarin
Offer Per Valid Receipt1
Host Website:
Marketing Support: Inmoment Inc
Valid For In-Store Purchases?Yes
Gift Card Valid For60 Days
Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline, Phone
Receipt Valid For2 Days
PrizeFree Entree with 2 Entree Purchase
Entry LimitUnlimited

Through Panda Express Customer Satisfaction Survey, the Panda group will know whether the customers are happy or not while visiting the restaurants. It is because this online platform will offer some Panda Express feedback survey questions that the customers have to answer. The competitors of the restaurant keep growing and Panda does not want to be left.

How to take Panda Express Guest Satisfaction Survey?

There are some websites that we can access when we are about to take the survey that are as well as For the appreciation, as we have wasted our precious five times, we will get Panda Express Survey Validation Code.

It is such a coupon code that we can redeem for a free meal at Panda Express restaurants. If we want to know what the survey is about, we can say that Panda Express Survey questions will be our overall satisfaction.

Here, we have to give some onions, as well as the recommendation for the service and products. Besides, we will get a chance to rate the service speed, foods quality, staff appearance and so on.

What are the Panda Express Feedback Survey’s Rules?

Before we start to take the survey and give complaints, we can read some rules that we have to obey. They are:

  • First of all, we have to own Panda Express Survey Code that we can get from Panda Express restaurant’s receipt
  • Second, we have to be a legal resident of the United States of America
  • Third, it is a must to be 18 years at least or maybe older
  • We should own an internet access to visit Panda Express feedback survey official website
  • For the next, we have to get a smartphone or laptop that has internet browser
  • It is important to have capability of understanding English
  • The Panda Express coupon has limitation that we can use it once

What are the Panda Express Survey’s Rewards?

As we can see, Panda restaurant is such a kind restaurant chain that wants to accept critics or comments from the customers. Here, we can be free in giving the rates for the restaurant whether we are satisfied or even really dissatisfied. For the rewards, once have finished the Panda Express Survey, we can take Panda Express Sweepstakes.

It is such a platform that will give us free meal at the restaurant. The Panda Express validation code will appear once we completed the survey and input our personal information. If we do not finish the survey, we cannot claim the Panda Express redemption code. So, it is important to know every step we have to take.

Enter Panda Express Feedback Survey by Phone

  • Buy Panda Express menu items
  • Keep the receipt before calling the survey hotline
  • Call Panda survey at 1-888-51-PANDA
  • Answer all questions by phone
  • Make a note of the survey completed code they will give you over the phone
  • Write the code on your receipt
  • Bring your receipt along with the survey completion code along on your next visit
  • Use that coupon and purchase 2 entree items to get a free entree item.

Panda Express Survey Steps and Panda Express Sweepstakes Guide

Alright, if we are ready to start the survey as well as entering the sweepstakes, we can follow all instructions here. So, without any further due, these are the steps and guides to follow, such as:

  • Step #1: Open com

At this step, we have to connect our device such as laptop or smartphone to the internet connection. Once the device is ready, we can try to go to survey. This link address then will direct us to the survey page.

If the link address does not direct us to the PandaExpress Survey, we have to make sure that the address link we type is correct. If we get it hard, we can directly click this link and our device will open the page survey.

  • Step #2: Input Some Details

Once we are at the homepage, we can start to follow all instruction. It is such as inputting the Panda Express store number. We can find this code on our receipt that the Panda Express free entry code contains four to five digits. After that, we can click the button entitled next.

  • Step #3: Answer All Questions

After we pass the Panda Express login, we can continue by answering all questions. Here, we will find that Panda Express questions have multiple choices. Just like school examination, we need to choose one that is the best. The answer we choose here must base on our experience. We can click next after choosing the answer. And this step repeats until we completed filling the answers.

  • Step #4: giving the feedback or comments

After answering all questions, we can continue by writing inside the box provided. We can type some complaints about the foods, service, and so on. But we have to make it specific so the Panda Express team knows what we mean. Besides, it is important to make it as brief as we can as the box limits the words we write. If we have done with this step, we can continue entering the Panda Express sweepstakes.

  • Step #5: Panda Express Sweepstakes

In this last section, we have to input our personal information. In this case, we can input our full name, phone number, as well as email address and so on. it will be the data that we take part for the sweepstakes as not all customers taking the survey will take this one.

Once we are done, we will suddenly get a Panda Express validation coupon that we can redeem for a free meal. But first thing first, we have to write down the Panda Express redemption code on our receipt. For the next, we can go to Panda Express restaurant and give that receipt to the staff.

How to contact Panda Express Customer Care Service?

Somehow, the role of Panda survey may not be able to fulfill our needs. In this case, it is okay to have a willing to talk to the manager other Panda Express representatives. Sometimes, we need urgent answer or respond from the representatives.

Here, we can start to contact the Panda Express support number or visit the Panda Express office. Through Panda Express contact details, we can deliver our feedback or other complaints. But, we still need to be honest and polite. It is okay if we are mad with the service but it is never right if we insult the staff and the team.

Through the Panda Express complaints number, we will be able to have a discussion with the Panda Express team. Of course, it is important to think about the Panda Express office hour that we should call between those hours. Alright, if we cannot wait to get in touch with the representatives, here are the Panda Express contacts:

  • Contact 1#: Panda Express Postal Mailing Address

At the first contact, we can have a chance to write a complain letter. In doing so, we have to make it brief and go to the point. It is because the staff is too busy to read a novel and if we can make it specific we have to do it. Not to mention, we should add a specific topic related to the problems we face.

In addition, we have to write the date and time when the trouble occurred. Without a doubt, it will give the team a clue to solve it faster. In case we want to get direct respond, we can give our personal contact by writing it down at the bottom of the letter. Then, we can send it to Panda Express Guest Relations. The address is at P.O. Box 1159 Rosemead, California 91770.

Besides the address, it is necessary to know the person that we send the letter. In Panda Express organizational system, we have to know that the Panda Express Key Executives is Mr. Andrew Cherng.

He is the Corporation Founder as well as the Corporation Chairman. We can write a letter to him or to Dr. Peggy Tsiang Cherng Ph.D. She is the Corporation Founder, as well as the Owner and also the Corporation Chairman of Panda Express.

  • Contact #2: Panda Express Phone Number

The next contact person that we can try is the Panda Express Corporate Office Phone Number.  Indeed, to get in touch to the staff or manager of the restaurant is easy. But, we have to follow the procedures. First of all, we have to dial this number 800 877 8988.

When we get connected, a voice will come from our phone and we have to listen carefully. It is so as the voice gives us instructions that we have to follow and when we do not give the answer or press a certain number, the call will end. So, we have to listen to the service menu offered carefully for the sake of our goal.

  • Contact #3: Panda Express fax number

The third contact is the fax number that is 626 403 8688. It has the same rule as the first contact that we need to make it specific and understandable. Again, it is not necessary to send a fax contain more than one paper.

The staff moreover the managers are busy working to give the best service for all customers. It will be beautiful if we help them to understand our thoughts through a simple fax we send.

  • Contact #4: Panda Express Official Website

If we do not have budget to make a call or send a postal mailing, we can try to access the online contact of the restaurant. Of course, we can visit as it is the official website.

If we want to get direct and fast step, we can go to to give the comments. If we are such a customer or guest of the restaurant and we want to know something, we can go to Without a doubt, we will find the information we need about the restaurant.

Final Words

We have known everything about Panda Express restaurant as well as how to Panda Express Survey. Now, we can start applying all knowledge’s that we have got. Enter the Panda Express sweepstakes and we can get a free devious meal at the Panda Express restaurant. So, enjoy the survey and have a nice lunch!

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