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United States Postal Service

Good morning fellas! Are we such employees in the United States? Then, we must know USPS LiteBlue Login. Yes, it is such an employee login portal for all US employees. The login portal is available at

There will be some interesting benefits that we can get once we pass the login portal. Not to mention, we can claim employee benefits such as medial assurance, retirement program, and so on. Isn’t it nice to be a good employee who can enjoy all facilities?

United States Postal Service WIKI

FormedJuly 1, 1971, Washington, D.C., U.S. [1]
Headquarters475 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington, D.C. 20260-0004 U.S.
Employees644,124 (503,103 career, 141,021 non-career) as of 2017[2]
Agency executivesMegan Brennan, Postmaster General; Ronald A. Stroman, Deputy Postmaster General
Key documentPostal Clause of the United States Constitution
Revenue (2017)US$ 69.636 billion
Net income (2017)US$ (2.742) billion[3]

About the LiteBlue Login United States Postal Service for Employees

If we still not familiar with the term of USPS LiteBlue, we may need to dig more about this. So that we know, USPS LiteBlue ePayroll is an employee login portal for those workers in the United States of America.

Liteblue.USPS.Gov - Liteblue Login | Liteblue USPS Employee Portal
Liteblue.USPS.Gov – Liteblue Login | Liteblue USPS Employee Portal

So, if we are such a legal resident of America, we can access this online portal and claim some benefits. So far, there are more than 155 million residences that use USPS Lite Blue. The online portal here is easy to access as we can do it at home.

We do not need to worry about the tax that we have to pay for this facility. It is because it costs us no single dollar. In 2017, there are over 3,200 retail locations. USPS LiteBlue Login has gained $69 billion that makes it belongs to the largest employers in the US.

We can start using this online USPS LiteBlue Login Portal as it is reliable, and efficient. Of course, it is possible for us to trust its system as the almost all companies and employees apply this feature.

Why Should We Use USPS LiteBlue Login?

Alright, we may questions the reasons we have to start logging into Lite Blue USPS. The here are some best reasons that will change our mind and start using it. Here we go:

  • First, LiteBlue Login offers us high quality services that we can enjoy exploring the website without troubles
  • Second, LiteBlue USPS is able to give excellent experiences for all customers
  • Third, we no need to worry because LiteBlue is safe and easy to use
  • The last, Lite Blue is the place for all employees to gather and get benefits from the companies

What Are the LiteBlue Login Advantages for Employees?

We have found reasons why LiteBlue portal is the best for employees. On this online login portal, we will get benefits and advantages. For instance, we can get enough information about our career development.

Also, we can explore other features such as checking our employee benefits, and give some feedbacks. Even more, we can get a key to access LiteBlue Postal EASE and other exciting benefits.

What We Can Do Through USPS LiteBlue Login?

Before we begin signing up or passing LiteBlue Login, we can learn what features we are going to get from LiteBlue USPS Login Portal. Here they are:

  • First, we will be able to change our LiteBlue password and retrieve it once we forget it
  • Second, it will be the best place for us to learn and check what is new with the career development
  • Third, we can check our revenue
  • Of course, we also get notifications about service performance
  • Fifth, there will be detailed information about all products that are available
  • Also, we can try to check those who accept the recognition
  • The last, we can access PostalEASE and send some feedbacks

How to Start Using USPS LiteBlue ePayroll?

If we find it interesting, we can start using the LiteBlue ePayroll. But, first of all, we should follow the instructions so that we can access the Lite Blue USPS ePayroll. Here are some ways we can try to do so, such as:

  • First, we can start using it through online, we have to visit the official website of LiteBlue at
  • Then, we can find the menu of “My HR” complete with the employee apps that we will need the most for LiteBlue ePayroll
  • Now, we can enjoy using the webpage that contain some features we need

In this process, we need to keep in our mind that we need our Employee user ID to pass the LiteBlue portal. Also, there will be PIN that will be the key for us to get in.

How to Start LiteBlue Login?

First thing first, before we start accessing LiteBlue Login, or LiteBlue ePayroll, we have to own the user ID complete with the PIN. In this case, our Employee ID contains 8 digit numbers that we can from our LiteBlue earning statements.

Since 2104, LiteBlue system uses USPS Self Service Password. Then, we can input both data at But, if we do not get our PIN yet, we can start to ask it at our office.

How to Get Our LiteBlue USPS PIN?

In case we cannot meet the Human Resource team at our office, we can try to get our USPS PIN using these following steps. Here are the steps that we can take, such as:

  • At the first step, we can start to call 1 877 477 3273
  • Then, we have to press the number 1
  • For the next, the voice then will ask us to input our Employee ID

There will be an alternative way to get our PIN that is by visiting the official website at We will see a menu or link that offers us to get our PIN back. We can click the link entitled Forget Our PIN.

Once we have done with that, it is the time for us to input our Employee ID.  Then we can follow the instruction to finish the steps. As it is easy, we can get the recovery PIN within less than ten minutes.

How to Start LiteBlue Sign Up?

We may such a new employee and we have no idea on how to use our LiteBlue account. Even worse, we may do not know whether we have the account or not. Here, we can visit to start signing up. There will be an option offering us to create a new account or LiteBlue sign up.

But still, knowing our employee ID is important. It is the basic information that we can get from HRD office team member. Overall, we cannot deny that the easiest way to sign up is by going to the HRD office and ask for our PIN and employee ID.

What Are the LiteBlue Login Step by Step Guidelines?

Once we got our PIN complete with our Employee ID, we can start to LiteBlue login. Of course, we need to follow the instructions here for the sake of benefits. As we know, we can do many things once we can login.

For instance, we can check our employment status. Yes, we can see our daily schedule to work, shift hours, and so on. Without further due, here are the steps, such as:

  • Step #1:

At the first step, it is important to go online. Of course, we need a device like laptop or smart phone and the internet access. After that, we can open our best internet browser. At the address bar, we can type For the easiest way, we may click that blue link address and the link will direct us to LiteBlue employee login portal homepage.

  • Step #2:

For the next step, we can start to read the instructions given before we have to start logging in. It is best to read everything carefully in case we find some important information.

  • Step #3:

At the third step, we can start to input our Employee ID at the first box. After that, we should continue to input our USPS Password on the second box. We can find the Employee identification number on the receipt of our recent salary. But, for the password, we cannot find on that receipt as we need to contact the LiteBlue Human Resource Department.

  • Step #4:

We have input all data we need and now it is the time for us to click the button with the title Log On. But if we forget our password, we can click the link under that button that says forget our password. Then, we can follow the instructions to get the recovery password.

  • Step #5:

Now, we have entered the LiteBlue login portal and we can access all information we need. We can choose the options whether we are full time employee or maybe part timer. Both types of employees will offer different features and benefits.

What are the LiteBlue Login Features?

After we logged in to LiteBlue website, we can start accessing the features that will lead us to maintain our career. By 2019, LiteBlue has more than 600,000 employees who logged into this website. If we are one of those people, we must be lucky as we can enjoy some best features. They are such as:

  • Feature #1:

First, we can gain USPS services that cover our work schedule. And we can get notifications at email once there is something new about the schedule. We can turn on the notification and we can keep tracking the up to date news about our job.

  • Feature #2:

Second, we can have a meeting with our coworkers whether they are in the higher or lower authorities. Of course, it can save energy, time, and money when our manager is busy and used to go abroad.

  • Feature #3:

The third one, we can have broader networking as LiteBlue is such the largest employee portal in the US. We can get in touch with anyone we want as long as we know the employee ID and other personal data.

  • Feature #4:

One of the best features is we can set the language based on our understanding. It will be much helpful moreover if we are such an immigrant and still learning Basic English. The languages that we can choose are such as Spanish, as well as the Simple Chinese.

How to Contact USPS LiteBlue Customer Service Team

We have understood everything about LiteBlue employee login but still, we may find troubles which we can hardly handle alone. We do not have to worry about being lonely as we can ask for a help from the LiteBlue customer care service.

  • LiteBlue Agency Executives

Before we contact the LiteBlue representatives, it is better to know who we are trying to contact. For instance, we can call or write a letter to Megan Brennan, who is the LiteBlue Postmaster General. For the LiteBlue Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Government Relations Officer, we can contact a man called Ronald A. Stroman.

In another hand, we can contact James (Jim) P. Cochrane. He is the Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at LiteBlue. And the last, we can contact David E. Williams. Yes, he is the LiteBlue Chief Operating Officer as well as Executive Vice President.

  • LiteBlue Postal Mailing Address

After we know the name of the executive team, we can write a letter and send it to them. But, there is no postal mailing address that we can try. For the best alternative way, we can visit the official website and find the menu of contact us.

  • USPS LiteBlue Official Websites

In a case that we want to visit the official websites, we can go to, or,, as well as There will be enough information about LiteBlue.

  • USPS LiteBlue Corporate Office Numbers

For the last contact, we can try to call the LiteBlue Hotline at 877 477 3273.  We can follow the instructions that offer some menu. We can press the number based on the instructions and we can get directed to the LiteBlue representatives.

Resources and Links

  • United States Postal Service Portal: Www.LiteBlue.USPS.Gov
  • Table source:

Final Words

Overall, those are the details about LiteBlue Login that we need to know. As a good employee, we have to maximize using the LiteBlue features. Claim the unlimited benefits from LiteBlue that will help us much in boosting our career. Keep working and earning money. Don’t forget to be happy and live a wonderful life, fellas!

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