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Five Below Survey Portal

We love shopping more than working! Yes, we must agree with that pleasing statement. Everyone loves shopping moreover if we shop at Five Below supermarket. We can buy anything we want with lower prices.

Yes, we can find all items are below $5! And, do we know that we can get $100 from FiveBelowSurvey. If we used to shop after getting our salary, we must know how it feels to spend $100 Five Below gift card.

Five Below WIKI

S&P 400 component
IndustryDiscount store
Founded4 October 2002; 16 years ago
FoundersDavid Schlessinger, Tom Vellios
HeadquartersPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Number of locations750 (2018)[1], 353 (2014)[2]
Area servedUnited States—34 states[2]
Key peopleJoel D. Anderson (CEO)
Productssports, games, fashion accessories, bath and body, candy and beverages, room décor and storage, stationery and school supplies, books, smartphone accessories, novelty and gag items, seasonal items
RevenueUS$1,000,400,000 ( FY 2016 ) [3]
Operating incomeUS$114,300,000 ( FY 2016 ) [3]
Net incomeUS$78,100,000 ( FY 2016 ) [3]
Total assetsUS$500,500,000 ( FY 2016 ) [3]
Number of employeesover 10,000

About FiveBelowSurvey

Okay, before we start participate in the survey, we need to dig more information about it. For our information, FiveBelowSurvey is such an online customer survey held by Five Below Company. Just like other surveys, the goal of Five Below Shopping Experience Survey is to know the level of satisfaction among the customers.

FiveBelowSurvey – Www.FiveBelowSurvey.Com - Get $100 Five Below Coupons
FiveBelowSurvey – Www.FiveBelowSurvey.Com – Get $100 Five Below Coupons

If they are happy with the service, the FiveBelow team then will give more compliments. In case the customers give negative feedback, the Five Below team will improve their service and products quality. In short, the survey here is important for the market and customers.

Easily, we can finish taking the survey less than ten minutes. After the survey, we will have an option whether we want to enter the Five Below Sweepstakes or not. In case we want to do so, we will get a chance to win the $100 Five Below Coupons.

Purchase requiredNo
Survey EntryOnline
Entry CodeSurvey Code on Fife Belowreceipt
Survey Entry Limitno
Minimal Age13
Receiipt Valid30 days
Survey Duration5 minutes
Prizes$100 Cash
LanguageEnglish, French or Spanish
Offer Per Valid Receipt1
Coupon Valid For14 Days

For our information, the survey is available at The process of the survey will be easy and we do not have to worry about wasting our time.

What to Prepare for FiveBelowSurvey?

Yup! We know that our favorite supermarket has a FiveBelow survey sweepstakes program that will give us a chance to win $100. Of course, it is so interesting and too worthy to miss. So, here is everything we have to know before taking the survey. They are:

  • We should prepare a laptop or smartphone as it is the tool to access the online survey
  • And of course, we will need a stable and fast internet connection
  • In case we do not have a Five Below receipt, we should go to FiveBelow store and buy an item, there will be FiveBelow survey code on the receipt
  • We should own an active email account
  • As the survey applies English, we have to be able to understand that language
  • Also, we should make sure that we are such a legal United States
  • In case we want to take the FiveBelow sweepstakes, we have to be at least 18 years old

How to Take FiveBelowSurvey Step by Step Guides?

We can imagine how amazing it will feel once we become the FiveBelow winner for $100. We can shop any kind of items at Five Below market moreover all items are below $5. Okay, stop daydreaming and take action to get the FiveBelow coupons. Here are the steps that we can follow to win the prizes. They are:

  • Step #1:

So, the first step, we should prepare the device that we are going to use. It can be our lovely laptop or sweet smartphone. Then, open the internet browser and enter at the address bar. Wait for the link to direct us to the FiveBelow Customer Satisfaction Survey homepage.

  • Step #2:

After that, we can input our email address and we can click the button with the title “next”.

  • Step #3:

Then, we will see the FiveBelowSurvey login portal. It is important to input the FiveBelowSurvey entry code that we can find on the receipt. Also, we should choose the date and time of our last vast at Five Below supermarket.

  • Step #4:

So, we are at the main part of the survey. Here, we have to answer all FiveBelowSurvey questions. The answers here need to no relevant to our last visit. We have to be honest feel free to express our mind about the market. As the questions have multiple answers in the form of ratings, we can rate based on what we feel. For instance, 1 is for disappointment, and 8 is for our high satisfaction.

  • Step #5:

After that, we will have to give comments inside the box. There will be limitation in the characters and therefore, we have to make it brief. Also, we should make is specific by mentioning which part we dislike. For instance, we can mention how the employees did not serve us well as they were busy keep talking with partners. Or, we can mention how the products were broken, expired and so on.

  • Step #6:

We will also find some questions about the products as well as the prices of the items we bought. In this case, we should describe the items whether it was available or not.

  • Step #7:

After answering all questions, we can continue to the agreement of the statements whether we want to suggest Five Below stores to our friends. It does not matter whether we do not want to do so. But, we will face another question asking why we do not want to recommend the market to our friend.

  • Step #8:

Also, the survey page will give us a chance for us to send a critic or suggestion for the supermarket.

  • Step #9:

Now, we can enter the FiveBelowSurvey Sweepstakes. At this time, we can take part by inputting our personal information. They are such as birthdate, gender, complete with the zip code of our place.

  • Step #10:

Now, we can click the button with the title “submit”.

After completing the entire steps for the survey and sweepstakes, all that we have to do is waiting. Well, when the announcement says that we are the FiveBelow winners, they will contact us. We do not have to worry moreover sad. There will be always an opportunity for us to win as long as we never give up.

How to Take FiveBelow Sweepstakes without Completing the Survey?

We can be the laziest person on this planet as we do not want take the survey. Instead, we want to take the FiveBelowSurvey. Indeed, it is okay as we can do it through sending a mail. Here are the steps that we can try, such as:

  • Step #1:

Make a postcard or cut the paper with the size like usual ID cards. It will be much better if we choose the one with a bright color such as white. It is so as we are about to write our personal details.

  • Step #2:

Then, we have to get our pen or a marker as the writing tool for the offline FiveBelow sweepstakes.  If we are ready, we can write our full name, email address, as well as our phone number. Also, it is necessary to add our birthdate and complete home address.

  • Step #3:

Send the postcard to FiveBelow address that is Five Below, Incorporation. Here is the address that is 1818 Market Street, Suite 2000, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103, United States.

The same as the online FiveBelowSurvey, this offline Five Below Survey will take time to wait. We will get announced through the contact details that we have shared trough the postcard. It is fine if we want to send more than one FiveBelow postcard sweepstakes. But still, we have to send them separately.

What Are the FiveBelow Survey Sweepstakes Prizes?

As we can see at the title, we will get a chance to win $100 FiveBelow Coupons. We should take the survey as soon as we can as it has limitation in the promotion period. We can ask our friends or family to join us.

The more we take the survey sweepstakes, the more opportunities that we will get to win the prizes. It is all about the passion to shop annoying we want for free!

How to Access Five Below Near Me?

As we know, or we do not know, Five Below has more than 360 franchise stores.  We can visit some of the stores happily and for the easiest way, we can use FiveBelow Near Me. We can access the FiveBelow locator that is available at or using online search engine.

If we visit the official website, we can input the zip code, or city that we want to go to. Of course, it will show us some results about FiveBelow Nearest Locations. We can choose the nearest one and visit the stores faster.

What is the Five Below Hours of Operation?

In case we want to make a visit to the market or to the office, we need to know the FiveBelow hours of operation first. It will be like other office hours but in case we want to meet the FiveBelow representative, we have to call the office first.

About Five Bellow Incorporation

Okay! This is our time to get to know the company better. For our information, FiveBelow is one of the biggest supermarket chains that we can see in the United States.

What makes this supermarket unique compared to other supermarket in general is the price. Yes, we can find most items are below $5 USD. Because the supermarket offers lower prices, this market becomes one of the most preferred one among people.

FiveBelow opened 2002 for the first time. We can have the best FiveBelow shopping experience with people we love. There are a lot of items that we will need for our daily life.

Not to mention, we can find items for sports, groceries, books, clothing, and even food and beverages. Of course, we can find some accessories, school stuffs, complete with room decorations. We can find anyting we need for our daily life at one place, that is FiveBelow store.

How to Contact Five Below Customer Service?

So, we have taken the survey but it seems like we are not satisfied until we talk to the Five Below representatives. There are some ways that we can go trough if we are eager to meet or talk to the manager and other member staffs. Here are the Five Below contact details:

  • Five Below Support Phone Number

The easiest way to get connected to the staff members is by dialing the office number. We can call at 1 866 935 8852 but we have to makes sure that we call them at the FiveBelow hours. Some cases, the team may not answer our call. It is first because the hotline is busy, or it is beyond the hours of operation. We can call the office next day then.

  • FiveBelow Fax

We can try to send an electric mail through fax. The number is 215 546 8099. The letter, we have to add our personal information such as our complete name, home address, email address, as well as our phone number. It will be helpful for the team to know where to contact when they want to respond us.

  • Five Below Official Websites

As our smartphone is our best friend, we may need to contact the supermarket through FiveBelow online contacts. In this case, we can visit FiveBelow official site at

There are some menus at the website that will help us find the answer of our problem about the market. And if our problems relates to FiveBelowSurvey, we can visit its official website at

  • FiveBelow Office Address

The last, we can write a comlaint or other letter to Five Below. by following the rules in writing in general, we can send the mail to Five Below, Incorpation. The address is at 1818 Market Street, Suite 2000, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103, United States.

Resources and Links

  • FiveBelowSurvey Sweepstakes Rules:
  • Five Below survey:

Final Words

So, that is all about FiveBelowSurvey complete with the steps and guides on how to take the FiveBelow Sweepstakes. There are other customer satisfactions that we can find at this website. The prizes vary starting from $3 to $2,500 cash and check.

Whatever the surveys are, we have to make sure that we do not miss a single chance to participate in the survey programs. Keep shoping and win FiveBelow Coupons and prizes! Best luck, fellas!

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